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Jason Takeuchi, Assoc. AIA

Winter 2018 Update

2017 closed with lots of inspiring ideas and endeavors that will be implemented or celebrated in 2018. Associate members are encouraged to engage their local representatives and voice their needs to the regional leadership, our representatives at the national level.

Regionally, AIA NWPR leaders gathered in Seattle in the Fall for the annual Leadership Summit and Regional Honors and Design Awards. We discussed the future of the profession, equity, work-life balance and topics that are important to emerging professionals. Our regional directors who represent AIA NWPR on the Strategic Council explained their interest groups on the national level and how their research will interface with the needs of all members, including the upcoming generation. Specifically, the “Life Cycle of an Architect” work group is focused on identifying transition periods in one’s lifetime and addressing needs of each individual circumstance both in and out of practice.

Also important to note as a result of the regional summit was the exploration of the New Urban Agenda (NUA) with potential ideas for implementation. The NUA serves as a guiding topic for AIA National in 2018 with a premise that human population across the globe is projected to increase significantly and cities and rural areas will be more densely populated in the next twenty five years. Architects are in a position to lead the future vision of the built environment by embracing a multi-disciplinary approach to practice, engaging city officials, developers, planners, engineers, financial analysts, etc. Emerging professionals have an important role in this conversation as future leaders of our built environment and are encouraged to ignite a conversation in their local chapter about the NUA. Chapters across the country have already begun discussing the NUA in different terms more familiar to the public, such as “Re-imaging Our City” or “Creating Livable Communities.” Please email me for more information on this topic.

Nationally, the National Associates Committee has concluded its final conference call with outgoing, current and incoming members. My role on the NAC is on both the Mentorship+Diversity Work Group and the Future Workforce Work Group. In each group we conducted interviews and gathered research around these topics. In 2018, the Future Workforce group will be renamed to Future Practice with a new director and more specific direction focused on practice in work environments. However both groups will continue the research and exploration of ideas with momentum from continuing NAC members on these groups. The other work groups, Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships are designed to explore relationship and policy building through avenues outside of the Institute. And all work groups are intended to evolve to the changing needs of Associate members with a continued pursuit of knowledge and action towards helping Associate members strengthen their voice and position within the AIA and their careers.

As a national committee, the NAC’s progress can be measured in what we produced at the end of the year. We were able to contribute in the form of written online articles published on aia.org, in which two were among the top ten articles read by members in 2017. Setting Up Emerging Professionals for Licensure and Success can be accessed here. You may access The Shifting Architectural Workforce: here. The Mentorship+Diversity Work Group published two individual member features related to diverse people with unique perspectives on mentorship. My written profile of member Michael Ka’ainoni, AIA was one of these features, and our work group will continue to contribute member features to aia.org over the next year.

As an update, the NAC conducted an election for 2018 and the newly elected members are as follows:

Kristina Kotlier, Assoc. AIA                                                                 2018 Vice Chair
Ross Miller, Assoc. AIA                                                                       2018 National Associate Director
Shohreh Khodabahkshi, Assoc. AIA                                                  2018-2019 Director
Craig Chamberlain, Assoc. AIA                                                         2018-2019 Director
Ryan Gann, Assoc. AIA                                                                      2018 Strategic Council Assoc. Rep
Jason Adams, Assoc. AIA                                                                  2018-2019 Florida-Caribbean RAD
David Garcia, Assoc. AIA                                                                   2018-2019 California RAD
Shannon Gathings, Assoc. AIA                                                          2018-2019 Gulf States RAD
Jeremy Gentile, Assoc. AIA                                                               2018-2019 Illinois RAD
Amber Haro, Assoc. AIA                                                                    2018-2019 Western Mountain RAD
Allison Mendez, Assoc. AIA                                                               2018-2019 Central States RAD
Megan Pritts, Assoc. AIA                                                                    2018-2019 New Jersey RAD
Ashley Thornberry, Assoc. AIA                                                          2018-2019 Ohio Valley RAD

Below is the continuing NAC roster for your reference:

James Yankopoulos, Assoc. AIA                                                       2017 Vice Chair
Yiselle Santos, Assoc. AIA                                                                 2017-2018 Director
Timarie Trarbach, Assoc. AIA                                                            2017-2018 Director
Alesha Niedziela, Assoc. AIA                                                            2017-2018 CACE Liaison
Beau Frail, Assoc. AIA                                                                       2017-2018 Texas RAD
Amanda Schlichting, Assoc. AIA                                                       2017-2018 Virginias RAD
Betsy Nolen, Assoc. AIA                                                                    2017-2018 Mid Atlantic RAD
David Flecha, Assoc. AIA                                                                   2017-2018 New York RAD
Jodie Quinter, Assoc. AIA                                                                  2017-2018 South Atlantic RAD
Ray Bowman, Assoc. AIA                                                                   2017-2018 Pennsylvania RAD
Samantha Szeszulski, Assoc. AIA                                                      2017-2018 Michigan RAD
Stephanie Herring, Assoc. AIA                                                          2017-2018 New England RAD
Jason Takeuchi, Assoc. AIA                                                               2017-2019 Northwest Pacific RAD
Jonathan Tolbert, Assoc. AIA                                                            Manager, Center for EPs

(James Yankopolous, Assoc. AIA will take over Korey White, AIA’s position as NAC Chair for 2018)

Feel free to reach out with any questions related to the any information above and with any new ideas for emerging professionals and Associate members. Associate leaders and all Associate members are welcome to email me or chat about any issues, opportunities or ideas. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

Jason Takeuchi, Assoc. AIA
Regional Associate Director / AIA Northwest + Pacific Region
808-220-6051 mobile